Services for Adults

Services for adults

Construct your service according to your needs by selecting from the services below.

How Do I Know What to Do With My Life? Our Career Interviews

A one hour meeting to discuss you and your future. We discuss: your aspirations, abilities, interests, values and experience. We can then discuss your plans - or lack thereof - and the pathways open to you, including retraining at university or with an employer. You will receive a write-up of the interview and a detailed action plan.

The interview may be purchased on its own, although we recommend you also take our Careers Psychometric Test to get the most out of the process.

You may also opt to receive ongoing coaching and guidance, consisting of two or more meetings. Seeing us again can be useful as it means we can review your position and options after following our action plan.  Have your ideas changed?  What do you need to do next?

The process is appropriate for those:

  • Contemplating Career Change
  • Going Through Redundancy
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Who have chosen a new career pathway but need support in accessing it by, for example, getting on the right course or successfully applying for a position

Careers & Education Psychometric Test

We use a well-established careers profiling test that measures a wide range of abilities, personality attributes and your interests to produce a revealing report to include career and education suggestions.

You will need to be available for approximately 3 ½ hours to sit the test.  Do not worry, it is not an exam and there is no pass or fail.  Some people even enjoy it!

Application Support 

Are you applying for a job? Are you applying for a university place or other qualification? Do you need support to achieve your goals? We can help in the following ways:

  • Revision of your CV
  • Support with job and course applications, including competency based questions and how to find evidence from your experience to successfully answer them
  • Interview preparation, including for competency based interviews

Ongoing Career and Education Guidance and Advice

You may also opt to receive ongoing support, consisting of two or more meetings. Seeing us again can be useful as it means we can review your position and options after following our action plan. Have your ideas changed? Have you encountered any obstacles? Have you done what we discussed last time (such as extended reading for a particular university course or work experience?) What do you need to do next?

A possible structure could include:

  1. Career Psychometric Assessment
  2. Interview with action plan (2 weeks later)
  3. In your own time you follow up the actions agreed at interview/in your action plan
  4. Another interview to discuss where you have got to. Do you require new actions? Do you have questions about what you have found out? Have your ideas changed?
  5. You have a goal and require support achieving it. We meet again to university or job application or interview preparation, for example.

What our clients say:

London Career Advice's psychometric test and follow-up interview revealed aspects of my personality and aptitudes that I had never considered before, and then helped me link these to a wide range of future options. The process was instrumental in my eventual career change from the publishing to teaching professions.

Helen, 34
South London