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Why Should You Seek Career Advice & Guidance?

What is more important than your future? Traditionally many of us have not sought professional career advice. Perhaps this has something to do with habit: there are things you pay for but you don't pay for career advice. Perhaps it also has something to do with people's experience of poor career advice at school. How many people have you heard say "oh, my career adviser told me to be this, that or the other. It was useless!"?

Whatever the reason, our belief is that too few people seek professional career advice which, for a relatively low outlay and little time, could reap huge dividends.

At London Career Advice, our aim is to provide high quality, person-centred career and education advice & guidance delivered by advisers with great educational and professional backgrounds and knowledge of admission requirements and entry pathways for a wide range of careers and courses, including the most competitive such as medicine and Oxbridge.

We offer specialist services for Oxbridge and medical, dentistry and veterinary school admission.

Who Are We?

Our advisers are fully qualified career counsellors, generally Russell Group University graduates, including Oxbridge, and have experience of working in Blue Chip organisations and competitive industries such as television, law, medicine, banking and the creative industries. We also have extensive experience of working at some of the country’s top schools.

For a profile of your Career Counsellor, please email or call us.



Fees vary depending on the services you require. Please look through our services such as Careers & Education Interview, Careers & Education Psychometric Test and Oxbridge Preparation.

As a guide, a career & education interview starts at £99 and a psychometric career & education test starts at £99.

Please contact us so we can discuss an appropriate package of services for your requirements and provide a no obligation quote.

There may be discounts available for group psychometric testing.

Career Advice Based in Battersea (SW11), Serving London

We operate from our base in Battersea and are therefore particularly used to providing career advice in Chelsea, Kensington, Clapham and the surrounding areas. However, we are generally able to go further afield too.
We usually deliver our services at your home but if you prefer, we can see you at ours or at a nearby third party location.